What’s it all about . .


London based URBAN LIFECLASS is for anyone willing to develop their potential with Breathwork & Personal Development so picture yourself releasing people-pleasing, codependency, procrastination and creative blocks.

It’s easier than you think.

We have put together a schedule of Personal Development Groups for the MIND + Evolutionary ‘Conscious Connected Breathwork’ for the BODY + Community Support for the SOUL, encouraging life/work balance and managed emotional health.


Ever since the SWINGING SIXTIES London has held the edge of creativity as a capital asset. Revived in the mid 90’s as COOL BRITANNIA with BRIT POP & BRIT ART storming ahead on the world stage, BRITAIN has always been creative in austere times. Some remember the dole years of the 1980’s when West End CLUBLAND One Nighters sprung up from nowhere and entertained the weary, frivolous and students of St Martins School of Art.

As this period proved, AUSTERITY ( and tight budgets ) are no obstacle to SUCCESS, but the real obstacle is often our past, our attitudes, fears and stinking thinking like “not good enough”, ” not worthy” or “no confidence”. That can be corrected.

Even those who don’t have creativity in their career, or job, and wish to express themselves more fully in craft, speech, communication or the written word could use the mix urbanLIFECLASS offers, in order to achieve emotional balance, life management and better productivity on a daily basis. You don’t have to be involved with the arts, just have an open mind about creative thinking, creating healthier relationship in or out of the workplace, and creating less fear with more loving gestures toward yourself and others.


We are a NOT-FOR-PROFIT collective: trainers and assistants do not get paid, ( except our PA/Admin who keeps the backstage ball rolling ). All monies go toward expenses, bursaries for assistants and those who need financial help in attending our Annual Winter BREATHWORK RETREAT in Marrakech, Morocco.

Getting STARTED is your only task.

When YOU invest in yourself YOU WIN.

So read on . . .  https://urbanlifeclass.me/whos-it-for/