Luca Marchetto – Assistant

1476606_695912417094868_172186201_nBorn in Balzano Italy, Luca Marchetto is the designer behind 8Dix, London’s newest Collection arrival, and has already made a stir with ‘Hats and T’s in the new Katy Perry video DARK HORSE. He flew out with 8DIX partner Jordan Bowen to LA and they made them on the spot.

Luca studied in Milan’s prestigious Nuova Academia Di Belle Arti and graduated with huge acclaim. He was studying to be a vet when he moved to Milan. “I was crap at maths, I hated chemistry and I fainted the first time they opened a cat. I was only there because my friends were too.”

His interest in veterinary pursuits was overwhelmed by a growing obsession with Vivienne Westwood, she became his icon and he was lured away, his instincts drawn towards things that were fluffy outside and the only swooning that might be likely would be in the name of fashion.

Soon after graduating Belle Arti, Luca was designing for Jean-Charles Castelbajac and Lucio Costa whose combined avant-garde and meticulous elegance still strongly influence Luca’s style. “Lucio showed me how to make people look sexy – no useless hangy bits just really simple shapes… in time he became my closest friend and when he died last year I tattooed his smiley face on my ear.”

Unknown-1After eight years in Milan he decided to present himself to the Westwood studio without an appointment for an interview. The weekend after he was living in London as a full-time employee and was then promoted to become Vivienne and Andreas’ design assistant for the gold label. “It was a mess to move in a weekend. I lied to the studio manager. In the first interview I told her I was living in London already. The experience I had working for Vivienne and Andreas was a dream for me, and I cannot thank them more for their support.” Since leaving Westwood, Luca designs knitwear for ERDEM.

1389493_1725668494376319_672448269_nLuca is influenced by the work of Otto Dix and is inspired by the freedom and eccentricity of his subjects. His own, new label, 8DIX, is a brand that celebrates the decadence and individuality of Dix’s time, using subversive graphics, wild colour, and clean shapes. Luca Marchetto is the modern Dada-ist of graphic street-style, that brings to urban LIFECLASS verve, passion, experience and eccentricity.  

His partner in 8DIX is Master Milliner Jordan Bowen ( late of Stephen Jones Millinery ) an Urban Lifeclass attendee, and together with combined skills they created the show below in Berlin. Create & BREATHE.