Meleeshka – Co-Trainer Maroc


Born in Nairobi, to a military family, and widely travelled, including living at Greenham Common in the early 80’s at the UK Women’s Peace Camp, and residing in Glastonbury Somerset, for over 20 years, Mel fits the stereotypical ‘New Age Warrior’ image.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Well before entry into that ‘Spiritual High Street’, she was PA to one of the world’s most celebrated Music Legends, living under his roof, indulging in all kinds of rebellious malarkey, as well as running his fan club and diary. In a quiet moment she might tell a tale or two over a roll-up, as Mel says Golden Virginia is her only vice left.

When he left the UK to take new creative directions in his life, in the early 70’s, Mel left London in 1975 to handle her drug addiction and recreate a vision of ‘The Good Life’, growing food, keeping animals, pigs, ducks, goats and geese, in order to do something totally different and healthier to save herself. She has been clean of all drugs, including alcohol, ever since.

In 1985 she moved to Bath, England, trained as a Social Worker dealing with ‘disturbed adolescents’, the non PC term used at the time, and during this period Mel started Rebirthing Breathwork, for her own personal development progress. She soon started her own Trainings and private practice, after pioneer Rebirthers – Christina Artemis and David Austin – trained her under their wings.


Her skills remain in place, with clarity and vision as primary purpose, miles away from the sometimes called ‘airy fairy’ New Age approach to healing. She advocates personal responsibility, truth & self-parenting with a wicked sense of reality and humour combined.

Aside from this she remains one of the few persons known to have only ONE WORD as their name in their passport – MELEESHKA. No surname. It’s all a bit mystical how she managed THAT one!

Mel co-trains with David Parker on our Morocco Retreats and trained him in 1991 as part of his development within the trauma healing world of Breathwork. A great combination of experience moving from ‘old style’ Rebirthing into ‘Internet Age’ Evolutionary Breathwork which they both avidly teach today. She is also a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother!