Although we attract those in the Creative, Music, Media, Digital, Design, Dance, Fashion & LIVE ART industries to the urbanLIFECLASS table, we welcome anyone who has laid their creativity to rest – awaiting it’s REBIRTH.

You don’t need a desire to paint a masterpiece or write a novel, but that kitchen wall you’ve been meaning to do is a beginning in picking up a brush. It’s still about CREATIVITY, ACTION and COMPLETION. Learning about procrastination, justification of in-action, will all come into play when you join our GROUPWORK in the company of non-judgemental people, who have all been there at some point, and learnt to rescue themselves. If you are in recovery from addictive thinking, habits or behaviours, then breathwork and codependency release can lead to a more CREATIVE life.

Urban LIFECLASS workshops & seminars use everyday language, not therapy-speak. Even if you have never had therapy, coaching, or picked up a self help book, audio tape or podcast before – secure, safe, confidential help is at hand. Meet up with a TEAM Member beforehand, if you wish, so you will know someone in the group, on arrival.

Just be yourself.

UrbanLIFECLASS has no dress code, specific philosophy or approach and is open to all sexualities and age groups.

You may, or may not be in therapy or applying alternative healthcare solutions, or someone who doesn’t do groups  – it doesn’t matter – all we ask is that you take the mask off to attend a group, or contact one of our TEAM for a face to face chat first.

It is a Not-For-Profit Collective. There are no sign ups, catches, arm twisting or coaching plans to anything we do. Come and go as you please. We treat people like adults who can make up their own minds.


Check into our urbanLIFECLASS BLOG on this site, it aims to encourage more CREATIVITY in your life, meditative thinking, addiction awareness, responsible life changes and happier relationships. Just click HOME.