Evolutionary Breathwork

Urban LIFECLASS was devised by Performer Dickie Beau & Recovery Coach David Parker in 2013, as an umbrella CREATIVE COLLECTIVE that supports Personal Development, knowing that going alone rarely works, when isolation can be a best friend and unforgiving companion.

Having this in mind and the realisation that Personal Growth groups can be a bit New Agey, they brought together a fusion of talented people in LIVE ART, Fashion, Music & Media who also have the valued experience of working on themselves, and improving their well-being.



Here is one of our team Luca Marchetto checking his phone but we suggest you don’t let technology rule your life – create controlled usage. We will teach you how. 

Meet up with a TEAM Member beforehand, if you wish, so you will know someone in the group, on arrival. Just be yourself. 

CLICK HOME for the latest BLOG UPDATES on Groupwork. Evening GROUPS / Euston Venue / 7-10pm £30

10501688_302332539936610_6051405388470842940_nBOOKING : Contact Robert Beck urbanlifeclass@gmail.com (+44) 7913862492 for payment options.

Individual 2/3 hour COACHING/ BREATH WORK Sessions cost between £120/150 fortnightly/monthly.