About ME

_DSF6211-Edit-Edit-EditIn 1963 I started a 25 year career in Advertising age 16, working in the Music, Fashion, Branding and Retail Industries as a Graphic Designer.

My second career started in 1988 when I had my first Rebirthing Breathwork session and after a 3 year training in LONDON with Diana Roberts, Sondra Ray & Bob Mandel, I became a qualified Loving Relationship Training (LRT) Rebirthing Breathworker & Relationship Coach in 1991.

These days I combine Evolutionary Breathwork with Codependency & Addiction Recovery material to assist those from, and in, toxic relationships to heal themselves.

But my real adventure began in October 1982 when I had my last alcohol & drug binge and have remained clean of mood altering substances, sober & nicotine free ever since, setting myself aside from other trainers in terms of addiction recovery, pragmatism and approach. Yep, it’s been a while.

This rare wealth of experience includes my sero-conversion of incurable chronic active Hepatitis B in 1996, without medication, using only Evolutionary Breathwork, working with those affected by HIV/AIDS since 1984, assisting those in hospices to complete their lives peacefully using Conscious Connected Breathwork, and moving forward in Codependency and Addiction Recovery that mirrors the new millennia, not New Age rhetoric. Affirmations have now moved into Affirmative Action. l also coach those who need harm reducing tactics or support in cutting out harmful routes of emotional escape. 

images-1In 2010 The Australian Academy of Breathwork made me Honorary Member – for groundbreaking work and service over 2 decades as a Breathworker, Life Style Coach & Trainer leading residentials, seminars and workshops in the UK, Australia, Venezuela, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Morocco and Goa.  

1.2.1 sessions & Online Coaching, can easily be booked with ME . . David Parker. https://urbanlifeclass.me/contact/