All forms of therapy, Counselling & Coaching involve observation of the self, as naked emotional beings. Without total honesty the desire for truth & innocence over shame, guilt and ego, the journey will be fraught with obstacles. Take courage and tell the truth faster.

This is the only spirit required to begin the journey of change.


We all have a working idea of the self, we know ‘who we are ‘ or think we do. Our identity is often based on our work status or the visual – not the unseen emotional spread.

We understand that we possess an individual identity, that it matters greatly to us, and that it is one of the means by which we function in society. This personal identity is complex. It is made up of traits that we are born with and views that we acquire as we go through life. Some aspects of our identity are essentially permanent, others are subject to change. Identification for official purposes is often controversial because it does not acknowledge this complexity and variability.

Authority’s challenge ‘Who are you?’ is easily satisfied with a signature or a PIN number. The deeper question ‘who, really, am I?’ remains much harder to answer.

– wise words from IDENTITY: 8 Rooms, 9 Lives. Nov 2009 – April 6 2010, an exhibition at The Wellcome Foundation London Nw1 http://www.wellcomecollection.org

Pierre et Gilles 868d_1(above) Performance Artist Dickie Beau, had his one hour on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square, in naked spirit costume, for Antony Gormley’s Art Project ONE & OTHER 2009 : as if to say ” Who am I?, what is my spirit? what is my path? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_%26_Othe

urbanLIFECLASS offers opportunities for all genders and sexualities to explore the spiritual, intuitive, creative self within our lives, and the work we endeavour to produce.