chelsea-theatre@ CHELSEA THEATRE, Worlds End, KINGS ROAD LONDON, SW10 0DR


Living in London can take it’s toll, and your mind, body & urban spirit pays for it. Stress, unfocussed relationships, unhealthy time management, internet demands and CODEPENDENT patterns that rule the roost. No wonder finding time for CREATIVITY, me-time and RELAXATION proves limited. Mind you, many confuse procrastination with justified relaxation after work pressure, as things pile up, especially those projects you always MEANT to start, and before you know where you are, you’re back where you started : STUCK.

STARTING MARCH 30th for 3 consecutive months for 4 hours on a SUNDAY 12.30 -4.30 pm we combine CODEPENDENCY SOLUTIONS with REBIRTHING CONSCIOUS CONNECTED BREATHWORK, a form of meditation that engulfs the whole of your being, into a space of altered consciousness for an hour of YOGIC Pranayama.


SPRING BREATHE : Sunday’s MARCH 30, APRIL 27th, MAY 18th 2014   ___________________________________________________

BRUNCH BEFORE GROUP-WORK join us from 11.30am across the road from Chelsea Theatre @ The Chelsea Bun for a hearty brunch if you wish, meet members if you are new, EAT before BREATHWORK and pay for what you eat.  Where is the Chelsea Theatre?


Each Single SUNDAY 4 hour session 12.30 – 4.30pm ( including 1 hour Group Rebirthingcosts £45

COMMITMENT SAVER for all 3 SUNDAYS : £115 in TOTAL ( paid in advance ) £38 + per group session

CONCESSION SAVER : If you are focused on Personal Development, or in 12 Step Recovery, AND in financial difficulty and have a strong desire to participate, then contact us, as some places are available for £90 in total for all 3 Sundays – with payment time to suit. (£30 per group session )

We offer mixed Groupwork fees, based on standard therapy rates, but as a commercial venture, without funding, we are paying commercial rates for room hire, which reflects in pricing.

BOOKING : 020 7388 3109  email :  15 places only. 

Advance booking and payment required to secure a space. PAYPAL available. 

David Parker was made an Honorary Member of The Australian Academy Of Rebirthing & Breathwork in 2010, accredited to the Australian Government Body, in recognition of his work as a Rebirther Trainer with over two decades of service. He has led groups in Australia, Sweden, Morocco, Estonia, Venezuela, Austria, Canada, Spain and Goa in India. He has remained clean of all drugs, including alcohol, since 1982.  Individual REBIRTHING/COACHING Sessions can be booked and cost between £120/150 fortnightly/monthly for each 3 hour 121 session.