All Alone Am I

10432993_301645620005302_7327150963895016647_nLONDON VICTORIA /  SUNDAY 27th JULY 2014  / 12noon – 8pm  ONE DAY SUNDAY SEMINAR


 Learn how to take better care of YOURSELF.

0-DSC_10501-300x199-1upstairs-studio1Starting at a reasonable time of 12 noon, ending at 8pm to encourage out-of-towners, clubbers and those that love a Sunday lie-in our NEW ONE DAY VENUE is just a 5 minute walk from Victoria Station.

Led by David Parker

& Dickie Beau

This Seminar includes a I hour Group Rebirthing Session with Guest Rebirther Diana Roberts


Living in an URBAN CITY can be overwhelming, pacing yourself around the demands of work, living expenses, dependents, friends and finding time to do everything or nothing. No wonder we just want to run away, hide and create blame & procrastinations.

That project you keep talking about, just can’t find the clock to get it moving, or the inspiration to reach out for help. Teaching yourself to unravel the blocks that keep CREATIVITY, Healthy Relationships & SUCCESS at bay, is EASY.


Consider the amount of time you spend alone, maybe in the workplace or via creative pursuits. Think of how many times you have felt isolated, perhaps depressed or even unsafe. Do you embrace the time you spend with yourself or loathe the space as time ticks by? Many can’t bear to be without a relationship, or create heavy social schedules, while others shy from intimacy. BINGE LIVING – All or nothing. In the end it’s about self-judgement and how we fill our time. Some clutch the arm of procrastination while many stay within dysfunctional patterns and relationships, for fear of change, risk and emotional turmoil. Where do you stand?

What needs attention to re-balance and find yourself amongst chaos thinking, living and *acting out* addictive habits?______________________________________________

This SUNDAY ONE DAY SEMINAR offers you the chance to sift through your needs, wants and maybe a lost *sense of proportion* within your mind set, held hostage by obsession, imbalance and expectations.

All that stuff we do to ourselves in order NOT TO COMPLETE.

 All Early Bird Concession places of £50 have been booked already, due to heavy interest, but Places still available at £70 for the day. Delayed payment may be considered.


BOOKING : Contact Robert Beck

(+44) 7913862492