Forget about setting Goals. Focus on CHANGE instead.


Last Sundays Seminar LET’S GET CLEAR ON THE YEAR was well attended with 6 new peeps, even though we took a risk booking the Jan 4 date, as many were still away for Xmas/New Year break. Most participants were expecting a GOALS Day, so in order to comply we started by asking them to tear a page from their notebook and write their goals for 2015. Having diligently done that, they were somewhat shocked when asked to tear them up into little pieces for the rubbish bin.  For the day was more about CHANGE, the process, than destinations.

The internet is a cornucopia of research and I found that I was not alone in perceiving that GOALS are useless without systems to back them up in process. But I have gone further than this over years in groups, by recognising that all this is pointless if you don’t process out your perception of CHANGE first.

Without identifying where you sit with CHANGE its hardly likely you will welcome it.

After writing down and answering 15 questions around CHANGE, we disbanded the main group into groups of 3 or 4, where over a 45 minute period everyone shared their writings and conclusions. It could have gone on longer, but I wanted to offer a final exercise before we entered the group breathwork session. I asked all participants to pick up a 2015 Calendar Spreadsheet surrounding the Central Calendar ( with Ted Rogers, one of our regular participants on the front of the MEAT Calendar ), then in a few words asked everyone there, on round robin, how they felt staring at the 12 month spread. Reactions were mixed, as expected, but I didn’t expect so much fear around the New Year, as we got.

Not many saw the year as an opportunity for CHANGE, but I surmised that people were just baffled by what a blank sheet, like a blank cheque, represented. In other words – space for CHANGE. There is only so much to do in the day, so we never progressed into SYSTEMS, but it proved that systems are pointless if you are not clear on change, so the theme of LET’S GET CLEAR ON THE YEAR, ended up being “ LETS”S GET CLEAR ON CHANGE “. The one hour Breathwork session that followed to end the day, certainly changed perspectives, with tears, laughter, joy and bliss blended together. Difficult to explain, but as someone said “you can’t put it into words, you have to EXPERIENCE IT”.

So come come along to our next SUNDAY SEMINAR on February 15th, to breathe, interact with creative peeps, learn, explore and take a seat on the LOVE TRAIN – the theme of Februarys BREATHING DAY. 

David Parker