Having Your Cake And Eating It : Emotional Prosperity, Money And Self-Satisfaction

JOIN US on SUNDAY AUGUST 31st ( the week AFTER Bank Holiday Weekend ) at the very sensible time of 12noon -8pm ( perfect for late risers, out-of-towners and party peeps ) at our NEW VENUE just a 5 min walk from VICTORIA STATION LONDON.  http://www.lightcentrebelgravia.co.uk

cupcakes” Next to lack of time, lack of money is the most commonly cited block to creativity. Yet lack of money is seldom the real issue. What is more often at issue is THE USE OF OUR MONEY. Very often we have MORE THAN ENOUGH MONEY, but we do not allocate spending in ways that are self-nuturing ” 

The Artist’s Way at Work / Julia Cameron


This ONE DAY SUNDAY SEMINAR around CODEPENDENT PATTERNING & Evolutionary REBIRTHING BREATHWORK focuses on Learning how to take better care of YOURSELF, YOUR THOUGHTS AROUND MONEY, and releasing Guilt, Shame, Victimhood and Scarcity Consciousness. Think of the MONEY you spend abusing yourself with a temporary hit and HOW MUCH YOU SPEND on committed nurturing, healthier habits and avoiding credit card concussion. Investing in Personal Growth makes longterm sense.

                                                            Led and devised by Dickie Beau & David Parker ( Swarmite Ananda ) 


“For a considerable number of psychotherapy clients today, money and things have become an almost constant focus, overshadowing other life goals such as the pursuit of creative interests, satisfying relationships, and peace of mind. – ‘When Money Is the Drug’ / Donna Boundy

* How to develop Trust, Emotional Prosperity & Financial Worth. * Investing in Self – however rich or poor you think you are * Surrendering Family beliefs around Money & Work. * Building Reserves & Support Structures  * Releasing Guilt, Shame, Victimhood and Scarcity Consciousness. * Making your life Luxurious in simple ways. * The Value of Commitment and the Cost of Maintenance. * REBIRTH your thinking, REBIRTH YOUR LIFE

https://urbanlifeclass.me/the-creative-collective/dickie-beau/    https://urbanlifeclass.me/the-creative-collective/parker/



CONFIRM YOUR PLACE by contacting Robert Beck

WELCOME if you are new to Personal Development, Groupwork or Breathwork. We don’t do special languages, New Age stuff or talking sticks. Other groups do those things much better than us. We are just a bunch of peeps willing to change habits, addictions and depleting toxic relationships. If you are new, one of our team can contact you if you wish to answer questions. We don’t sell anything, or sign anyone up, we leave the choice up to you. Just ask Rob.

£70 for the whole day including a GROUP REBIRTH SESSION

Delayed/part payment will be individually considered.

BOOKING : Contact Robert Beck urbanlifeclass@gmail.com (+44) 7913862492  

David Parker 020 7388 3109   Paypal to codacoach@yahoo.co.uk

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