Coaching, Creativity and Commitment

Blog by David Parker – Co-founder of Urban LIFECLASS : 

Can you imagine going to the gym just twice and expecting to lose flab? Or thinking that running round a park, only when you have the enthusiasm, will get you started on a regular fitness regime – it doesn’t. As many will tell you, whether it’s gym, or running when it’s raining, enthusiasm is very low on the list when it comes to commitment. Commitment means keeping going when you don’t want to, in order to claim results. 

Nor does it mean, stopping, staring and looking good. Looking good is never the notion of Coaching.  


Feeling better INSIDE is the real objective, but like jogging it takes a while to find pace, clarity and direction be it via short or long term commitment. This often means making it a priority in your diary and working your life around it. Not the other way round. Yes – it’s that simple. The only difficult bit is making the decision and sticking with it.

A session here and there – drop-in therapy – never works long term, be it 1-2-1 or group work, so focusing on the solution for creative blocks, or any addictive patterning, is to face it head on and remind yourself what the objective is, when you waver, losing interest. Losing interest is the norm, so just plough on to pick up the prize.

runners-burnout-exhaustedAny smoker who has tried to give up fags will give you 15 minutes on how many times they have tried without success, so you are not alone when it comes to perceived failure. Stumbling, stopping and starting, appears to be like failure but picking yourself up and continuing, whatever your head tells you, is the only component to focus on. Just like the committed jogger, weather holds no hostage, regularity is always the key. Recovering from active addiction and remaining clean for quite a few decades now, I can tell you that plain sailing was not always my experience, more like hurricane weather at times, but I still kept going. I put my personal development work, in all forms, be it 1-2-1, weekly group work, workshops or seminars, in my diary FIRST, and worked my schedule and finances around them.

The other issue is doing it ALONE rarely works. You need peeps to pick you up when you stumble, when you hit a wall of pain, and when you are about to give up. URBAN LIFECLASS has experimented this first year in seeing how best we can operate. We come from a not-for-profit perspective so we began fully supporting ourselves financially, on a healthy no-debt footing. Trainers and assistants are not paid, they serve. This way we can continue, knowing that financial insecurity is not a testing companion in serving ourselves and others toward wellness.

We are so pleased with progress that we plan MONTHLY gatherings for 2015.

When you work out how much commitment you have toward abusing yourself, retail rewards, chems, booze and food for starters, as well as dropping that creative idea too soon because you got knock-back, or listened to that voice that has always insisted ‘ you will never make it ‘, these patterns don’t serve, they just sever your talents at source and kill spirit. We know that urban living has it’s downsides, stress, noise pollution and time control ( and that’s just travelling on the tube ), but you either sink with it or float above the mire, and be grateful that London is STILL the most CREATIVE CITY on earth, always moving on.

CoiunsgettyIf you desire is to move on, then consider our future programme in 2015 of monthly seminars/workshops, to grow with others eager to breakthrough New Age waffle, Coaching Guru’s and therapy speak. Just work out what you spend £70 on per month now, to get out of it ( £50 if you are a low earner ) and join our mailing list to spend the same amount per month for self-observation, CHANGE, like-minded peeps and an emotional releasing GROUP REBIRTHING BREATHWORK session each month.

Less than £20 a week is not a lot for wellness is it? Cheaper than the cost of  stagnation.

As William Blake the 18th Century Artist and visionary said “Don’t say you are trapped in a cage, when someone has handed you the key”. Unlock your life in a safe space with experienced, honest, open, creative people. Your kind of people.

Our August 8 hour Sunday Seminar 12noon – 8pm £70

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