Let’s Get Clear on the Year! Sunday Seminar January 4th 2015 – 12noon start! in Victoria. We end @ 8pm.


It’s easy to polish off a few New Year’s Resolutions that mean well, but often they don’t manifest long enough to produce results, which is why joint efforts, either in group or 121 Coaching, WORKS. URBAN LIFECLASS understands the perils of procrastination, perfectionism and being pissed off at failure. Not that we see lack of concentration, focus or the power of distractions as unworthy or unworkable. IT ALL WORKS. You just need to see it differently.

Traditionally JANUARY is Detox month after the Christmas and New Year Binge, which makes sense, but having NO PLAN or support structures makes no sense at all, if you tackle it on your own. Experience has proved that addressing compulsive or addictive behaviours ALONE is as dumb as thinking you are still in control of your life.


Compulsive behaviours like people-pleasing others, PROCRASTINATION, continuous creative block, blaming others, blaming yourself and getting nowhere fast because you are so WEAK. Coming to one of our SUNDAY SEMINARS will make you realise that weakness has nothing to do with it. Weakness is a myth. So is MONEY. “I can’t afford it” is common enough until you add up what you waste in a month. ADD IT UP.

Work out how you can put aside less than £20 a week and you are living in the world of SOLUTIONS. If you are inclined to find salvation in booze, biscuits or chemical support, mood swings will follow as sure as night follows day, as well as a depleted purse. Best if you start getting priorities right for 2015 and get moving in the right direction, with a group that deletes judgements and encourages you to stand down as JUDGE & JURY. Each day includes written work you never have time for, experienced support, 121 sharing’s  and a powerful GROUP BREATHWORK session for emotional release. Ask anyone whose been. Turning up every month, creates your own programme of progress. Check out TESTIMONIALS on this site. https://urbanlifeclass.me/testimonial-results-2/

994454_10152999202324966_144832342011017136_nLed by Dickie Beau & David Parker creators of URBAN LIFECLASS.

JOIN US at the very sensible time of 12noon – 8pm perfect for late risers, out-of-towners and party peeps at our NEW VENUE just a 5 min walk from VICTORIA STATION LONDON. http://www.lightcentrebelgravia.co.uk

WELCOME if you are new to Personal Development, Groupwork or Breathwork. We don’t do special languages, New Age stuff or talking sticks. Other groups do those things so much better than us. We are just a bunch of creative people willing to change habits, addictions and depleting toxic relationships from our lives. If you are new, one of our team can contact you if you wish to answer questions. We don’t sell anything, or sign anyone up, we leave the choice up to you. You don’t need to be Creative, just willing to check out your life and how you can change the impact of all your relationships.

10501688_302332539936610_6051405388470842940_n£70 for the whole day including a GROUP REBIRTH SESSION ( Some concessions are available for £50 if you are already on the DIY or concession list ) Delayed/part payment will be individually considered. Paypal to codacoach@yahoo.co.uk  BOOKING : Contact Robert Beck urbanlifeclass@gmail.com (+44) 7913862492  

Our February Seminar ‘LOVE TRAIN’ is on SUNDAY February 15th examining romantic tyranny, toxic relationships, boundaries and healthier communications