November, December 2019 & January 2020. Central London Breathwork Tutorial Groups.


After my 3 month break due to heart surgery I am back BREATHING AGAIN and full of ALIVENESS with new heart and MOT Certificate in hand, so here are the Groupwork dates for the next quarter. Get your diaries ready and BOOK.❤️


2 kinds of Breathwork Groups are available each month / Euston or Mornington Crescent tubes


Each Saturday Group 12 noon – 4pm gives those who travel from afar a chance to attend. This group involves a Group Discussion before a I hour GROUP BREATHE.  Perfect for those new and interested or curious about benefits of Breathwork, Relationship and Codependency Recovery plus those already practiced over 5 sessions in group or 121.

Fee £50.  5 participants max for individual personal attention.

Saturday’s NOVEMBER 16th, DECEMBER 14th 2019 / JANUARY 18th 2020


The MONTHLY EVENING BREATHE is from 7.00 – 9.30 pm, giving time to get home in dark winter weather. This 2.5 hour group is for those who have experienced OVER 5 BREATHWORK GROUP BREATHES and will include a discussion period before Breathing. Perfect for those who need a TOP-UP BREATHE once a month. After introductions the 1 hour Breathwork session will start @ 8pm and finish one hour later, leaving 30 mins to share, eat fruit and leave for home.

Fee £30.  5 participants max for individual personal attention

TUESDAY’S NOVEMBER 12th 2019 / DECEMBER 10th 2019 / JANUARY 14th 2020

Contact us on or call David on 020 7388 3109 to secure your place on this session. 

10501688_302332539936610_6051405388470842940_nCash, Paypal or Bank transfer

As standard with a small group, if you have confirmed attendance and you cannot attend for any reason PAYMENT must be paid, if you or we cannot fill the place.



Parting is such sweet sorrow.

A special guest post from Robert “Bubbles” Beck who has some news that he wishes to share with the urbanLIFECLASS community…


It was a cold, misty October afternoon back in 2013 when a fresh-faced, 21-year-old me got off at Mornington Crescent tube station to meet a man, David Parker, for lunch to discuss a potential job opportunity that he had for me.

At the time, I had no idea that what would follow would be five and a half wonderful years that would see me meet some incredible and inspirational people, take me to Morocco (twice), and to start me on a journey of personal development and discovery that has made me stronger and more resilient but also more open and honest with myself and the people I love.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce today that I will be leaving urbanLIFECLASS for pastures new. I have accepted a job out in Shenzhen, China helping to set up and deliver a new creative education programme that will combine my passion for teaching with my theatrical background. It’s an incredible opportunity to grow and develop, both professionally and personally, in new and exciting ways. Despite it all though, I will still be incredibly sad to leave my life in London behind (if only for a little while) and I will miss sending out the newsletters and emailing you all. This responsibility will now pass onto someone new and I wish them all the luck with it.16195454_10155785684424966_552259507372790534_n.jpg

Change can be a scary thing and big change can be almost crippling.

However, something that urbanLIFECLASS has taught me is that you must always be open and receptive to life’s twists and turns. At 21, I was so certain of who I was going to be and what I wanted to do. You quickly learn that steadfastly holding onto one goal or ambition in life is a sure-fire recipe for disappointment.

Living your life with complete tunnel vision means that you miss the stuff that exist in your peripheries. 21-year-old me would never have dreamed he’d be moving to China but here we are, and 27-year-old me is so ready to take the plunge and see what happens. I’m reminded of something that a wise, old friend said to me during a workshop once that nothing good ever happens in your comfort zone. Life is too short to waste time waiting around. Go out and live and if it all fucks up then at least you can say you tried!

1538667_10152737809729966_1578081126_n.jpgI’m taking with me some pretty fantastic memories from working with David and the urbanLIFECLASS Team for these last few years. I’ve seen the team change and grow, people leave us, and then come back.

I remember my first breathe at The Chelsea Theatre and how it blew me away. I remember laughing and crying and being surrounded with warmth and love at the many, many workshops I’ve helped facilitate since I joined the team.

I’ve met friends, confidants and, yes, even a lover or two over the years. I am continually awestruck by the willingness to share and to be open that you find in the people who cross our doorway and I will miss hearing their stories and seeing them grow month on month as they track their own path to personal healing.

Thank you all for your generosity and for the laughs too.

15977835_10211125530352596_2114625437528168813_nLastly, I’d like to end this short post by paying tribute to my friend, my mentor, my Nana! David took me under his wing. I could not have asked for a better guide and I hope now to go out and take some of his teachings forward so that I continue to be the best me that I possibly can be. I will miss seeing you every week and having to answer the same question that comes with clockwork regularity “any sex Bubbles?”

Anyway, enough of all these “emotions”! Onwards and upwards. I wish you all happiness, health and to stay fucking fabulous, always!

Much love,

Bubbles xxx


Urban LifeClass Breathwork Coaching comes to Athens 27th April 2019.


Urban LifeClass is a London UK based Not-for-Profit Breathwork & Coaching Programme led by David Parker, incorporating Codependency Recovery, Relationship Reviews and breaking addictive patterns – including thoughts. Thought is creative but ACTION has more power, which is why we focus on affirmative ACTIONS not just affirmations. 

We also don’t use fancy language or special clothes, come as you are and speak as you do, we find this more authentic. 

The Athens Team below are an eclectic bunch, inter-generational, highly creative, non-judgemental and as you can see we LOVE what we do. No team member gets paid, your monies goes toward 2020 when we expect the need for a larger venue and a bigger programme of events.

In the meantime we give service to serve you, so you can serve yourself, learn to breathe more productively and maybe support us in growth if you like what we do and the progress you make. All sexualities and genders welcome.

We have 3 INTRODUCTION WORKSHOPS for 2019, – April, June & December, with an Autumn one pencilled in, depending on David Parker’s travel schedule. You can read about him here. 

So escape from your mind into your body, feel lighter, clearer and breathe out stress with experiential Somatic Evolutionary Breathwork. Each Workshop is for 10 participants MAX, so personal attention can be given.

The Workshop is in English with Greek translation if required. 

Easter Breathe : Saturday April 27th 4- 8pm 

Venue : A Beautiful House in Creative Akadimia Platonos

Read testimonials and blogs on this site,

sign up for this adventure with just 20 Euros for a 4 hour Introduction to Breathwork. 

That’s all you need to do 

There is no sign ups or obligations to continue with anything after, we just ask that if you can’t make the workshop you booked or you can’t transfer your place to another – we hold the 20 Euros as a donation.

Loads of info can be gathered from our Team Members in Athens

 Organiser/Producer – Patricia Photiou +30 6949826260

Experienced Breathworker over 3 decades – Yiannis Vousvoukis 

mob 6945 900 310


Check out our other site too: h


Sunday October 1st. One Day Breathwork Seminar – London (Belgravia/Victoria) 11am-7pm . . Prosper. Manage. Grow.


Your prosperity consciousness is not dependent on money; but your flow of money is dependent upon your prosperity consciousness. 

Are you living in the PROBLEM?


or the ANSWER!  . . Overcome limiting thoughts and patterns that sabotage your prosperity


Scarcity Consciousness is an element of Codependency, escalating into lower esteem, unhealthy choices, toxic relationships and NOT GOOD ENOUGH mindsets. 

It’s easy to see codependency only as an issue with personal human relationships, when in fact ALL Relationships are affected by fear based SCARCITY, SURVIVAL &  FEAR . . . Your relationships with money, work, social interaction and expanding friendships are just as affected, so working on LOVING YOURSELF is a major gift.

BREATHWORK offers you the perfect opportunity to resolve these issues.


Led by Professional Breathworkers David Parker and Luisa Bradshaw.

Check out THE TEAM Page above on our experience

JOIN US at the very sensible time of 11am – 7pm perfect for late risers, out-of-towners and party peeps at our VENUE just a 5 min walk from VICTORIA STATION LONDON.

WELCOME if you are new to Personal Development, Groupwork or Breathwork. We don’t do special languages, New Age stuff or talking sticks. Other groups do those things so much better than us. We are just a bunch of creative people willing to change habits, addictions and depleting toxic relationships from our lives. If you are new, one of our team can contact you if you wish to answer questions. We don’t sell anything, or sign anyone up, we leave the choice up to you. You don’t need to be Creative, just willing to check out your life and how you can change the impact of all your relationships.

10501688_302332539936610_6051405388470842940_n£70 for the whole day including a GROUP REBIRTH SESSION ( Some concessions are available for £50 if you are already on our list. Delayed/part payment will be individually considered. Paypal to BOOKING : Contact Robert Beck (+44) 7913862492 for payment options.

STOP SHOPPING MANCHESTER! . . Urban LIFECLASS Coaching is bringing BREATHWORK & Relationship Recovery to the North. FREE Afternoon INTRO Saturday 11th March 4-6pm


Retail Therapy and Credit Card Concussion on a weekend is one way to feel good about yourself – however the temporary hit soon passes into oblivion past the changing room. Aint THAT the truth. Working on yourself and your Relationships is not as difficult as you think and far more value than a sudden fashion binge for a Saturday Night Out. In the end, peace of mind & inner security is a classic long-term fit – so STOP SHOPPING on Saturday Afternoon and JOIN US for FREE.

images-1Urban LIFECLASS focuses on Creative Relationship Rescue, ( not rescuing others, we must add ), but rescuing YOURSELF from codependency, lack of direction, family patterns, control issues and finding a voice that feels authentically strong. So we are travelling NORTH from London to explain about the power of BREATHWORK as a therapeutic tool, for those touching anxiety, depression and entrapment in some way, and how it can help.

14690849_10155399932644966_4583286687935699303_nOur MANCHESTER WEEKEND Seminar is in early April but to give you a chance to taste what we do and ask questions we offer you a FREE 2 hour Introduction to chat, learn to breathe deeper and discover more. No obligation to attend the Weekend Seminar, no manipulations, no selling going on here ( we did enough of that when we didn’t know better ). Evidence is that it sells itself. Meet David Parker and the Team, but start here by reading our blog and pages

Check out our BREATHWORK page here with testimonials and discover how INTERNET AGE we are – not New Age Fluffy malarkey. : 

We invite all sexualities, cultures, ages and genders to Urban LIFECLASS Seminars, Retreats & Workshops, whichever city we work in. LGBTQI Welcome.

Venue for FREE INTRO SATURDAY MARCH 11th 4-6pm & WEEKEND SEMINAR : Firmstart (Manchester) CIC, Birchvale Cl, St Wilfreds Enterprise Centre, Manchester M15 5BJ Saturday April 1st – Sunday April 2nd 2017 11am 7pm both days.  

Contact Suzanne 07960 465303 or email for more details on booking WEEKEND SEMINAR or to secure a FREE INTRO place on Saturday March 11th. 

10501688_302332539936610_6051405388470842940_nInvestment : One Day £70, Both days £120. Payment via PayPAL or Bank Transfer to secure a place. Cash on the Day can by arranged. Limited £100 bursaries may be available on request. Contact Suzanne 07960 465303 for more details or

Prevail the VOGUE

12190055_10207470476658538_705248153394542532_nUrban LIFECLASS specialises in working with independent creatives, freelancers and Live Artists, as well as those who don’t perform, paint, design or dance, but they all learn that creativity is not always about performance, it’s about ideas, risk and ACTION.

Many of our participants would know Robert Beck, our PA/Admin, through email or by attending our Breathwork Events, and would recognise Ted Rogers who assisted on our Maroc Retreat and participant on One Day Seminars, ( both 24 years old ) and Atabey (Carlos) Maria from Margate, attendee of our London Evening Breathwork Groups. ( Yes – he travels up every month from Kent to attend group).

All 3 are prolific users and regular attendees, of Evolutionary BREATHWORK, the core practice of Urban LIFECLASS, and have turned IDEAS into ACTION.

8977481In the space of a week, their actions are coming to fruition, Rob, first with his showcase PREVAIL @ Westminster Kingsway College on Thursday  February 25th BOOK TICKETS below.

Written and directed by co-founder of Plain Paper Productions Robert Beck, and starring Tigger Blaize and Jon Hands, Prevail is a movement-led exploration of acceptance of the self.

Prevail is running as part of Camden LGBT Forum’s Camden & Islington LGBT History Month


10649781_10156359372435257_807422757331047974_nWhile in sunny MARGATE, KENT, Carlos & Ted, in conjunction with TATE’S Turner Contemporary Gallery have a created a unique combination of skills and ideas in a community based project for anyone over 50. READ ALL ABOUT IT BELOW.




50+ in KENT? . .  WORK IT with these Boys!            . . . STRIKE A POSE!

Vogue-Chi mixes movement and lifestyle elements of both Vogueing – a dance style based on fashion poses – and Tai Chi to create a dynamic, self-affirming, meditative practice. Fully find new versions of yourself whilst exploring gender, unconventional beauty, and shameless self-indulgence in a loving and safe environment. VOGUE-CHI offers a gentle work out for the soul and a good ol’ stretch for the mind.

Turner Contemporary MARGATE



This is what happens when you erase and BREATHE OUT fears with Breathwork, develop confidence and just BLOODY DO IT!!