The Artist Spike writes . . .

DSCF1282THANK YOU, thanks for being you, thank you for being real, thank you for you being yourself and breathing and thank you for accepting me and everyone whom you encounter with, as themselves, without ego and power grabbing, energy grabbing and self fulfilling grabbing the spotlight, THANK YOU ….

I have been on quite a journey and in-between the Rebirthing Breathing and the recent Enlightenment Intensives, the combination of both has saved my life. Both you, David and Dickie, bring a non commercial technique to people who just want to be themselves. It’s a gift to us the partakers, of letting ourselves let ourselves be ourselves, in a caring and supportive environment.

I feel the word Rebirth-ing does not do it justice but if I had to give it a word I would say a RE-AWAKENING, waking up to who you are, who you used to be and who, and where, you came from.


For me I have been freed in many aspects of my life and as you have seen , my artwork has changed dramatically, and now it keeps progressing, and I have to keep breathing and keep trusting the breath, you both opened a door and now I have to deal with walking through it and being awake to the life, rather than fighting life, or blaming others because I did not take responsibility.


Blaming is part of our conditions and patterns, we can lie to ourselves, but our hearts and our breath reminds us of our basic human instinct to stay alive, and ego sometimes distracts us from that. Anyway thank you…..big hugs and heart-felt unconditional thanks…for helping me to shift from my shit xxxx


Spike is from a second generation Irish family, though born in North-Hamptonshire and is one in nine children brought up and educated in Scotland from the age of one years old. In early 1980’s at the age of seventeen he worked as a residential volunteer in Yorkshire and by the age of eighteen Spike had moved to London to continue working as a volunteer until 1985. In early naughties after a series of a diverse range of employment, an opportunity rose to return to education, where in 2006 he did a foundation in the arts at Kingston University where he met his collaborator the artist, photographer, performer,poet,director and fishmonger Alex Chase White. Spike then got accepted to do a three year degree in Fine Art at Kingston University. While doing his fine art degree he became more interested in live art performance.

5647544_origIt was also during this time that he met his other collaborator the artist Yoshiko Shimida from Japan. In 2009 Spike had the opportunity to work with Yoshiko for two and a half months in Japan, where he also travelled to Taiwan and performed with Yoshiko in Beijing in China as part of the open festival. Spike also did a solo performance during an eight week live art festival in China that led him to being commissioned to perform as part of the Bone festival in Switzerland.

While studying, Spike continued to curate exhibitions, seeking out funding to support local artists and also combine the show with artist from Le-Pecq a suburb of Paris; Spike ran this for over six years, in July 2012 he co-curated an exhibition celebrating local women artist in his community in South West London.          MORE Info on Spike here :